Client : vinvinvin
Agency :

Graphic Design & Art Direction : Simon Langlois
Illustrations :
Catherine Potvin
Strategist : Alexis Pinard
Copywriter : Marc-André Lafrance
Photography :
Vincent Castonguay
Motion design : Raphaëlle Brillant-Marquis
Architecture : Ménard & Dworkind
Model : Sandrine Maltais

vinvinvin’s identity, designed by Nother Studio, reflects the bar’s ethos: ‘You don’t need to know wine to enjoy it’. The graphic language revolves around the adventures of Jean Jus, a ‘bon vivant’ character illustrated by Catherine Potvin. The jovial and silly nature of the illustrations, combined with the simplicity of the typography, makes the art of wine feel approachable and fun. There’s no room for any pretentiousness at vinvinvin. No Château or Domaine, just good wine and good people.

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